“Pro Daily” Camaro – Fast, Loud and Comfortable!


Instead of having a pro street or pro-touring car, try a new category that is known as “pro daily”. This category is a combination of speed, sound and comfort. One beautiful example is this ’69 Chevy “Pro Daily” Camaro, a very comfortable car that was built around this philosophy – it isn’t a pro street, but it might be considered as a sports car. It is owned by Jeff Richied and he chose 383 stroker instead of the very famous LS. He says they having thousands of horsepower costs money, and if you don’t have money, you should choose less power.

This 383 stroker engine stays naturally aspirated, with a single Holley carburetor. The owner of this Camaro says that he wanted this car to stay traditional, that’s why it has the carburetor on top of the engine. The engine itself is pretty strong producing 500 horsepower and 515 pound feet of torque. While every single customized Camaro out there has an LS under the hood, this one is still old school and can compare with the others in every way. The paint and body are flawless in grey and black, with a few extra details and shaving to keep everything clean.

Check it out!