Rain Prisk Designs’ awesome render of an S550 Ford Mustang wagon!

Rain Prisk DesignsRain Prisk Designs has done an awesome render of an S550 Ford Mustang wagon! You can only find Mustang shooting brake or wagon as an old school concept, custom or rendered. These guys never made it to production.

This is very refreshing to see, because car renderings you come across on the internet are often funny looking. And something is usually disproportionate or at odds with the rest of the car.

Rain Prisk Designs is creating images of shooting brake and hatchback versions of cars and they look smooth!

Estonian-born artist, Rain Prisk has been creating images of shooting-brake and hatchback versions of cars that have the smoothness of production vehicles in dealer photos. Check out some of Rain Prisk Designs, and click here for more!

Rain Prisk Designs Lamborghini

Freakin’ tracked Lambo

Rain Prisk Designs Challenger

Awesome Hatchback Challenger 

Rain Prisk Designs Bentley

Bentley Continental GT