The RaMeC Firewood Processor Is One Badass Machine!

RaMeC Firewood ProcessorRaMeC Firewood Processor

A firewood processor is a machine designed to cut and split firewood with minimal manual handling of the logs. There are typically four main parts of the machine, each dedicated to a separate function. Processing begins with a log pile or a pile of logs that have been de-limbed and cut to an appropriate length, generally 10–12 feet.

The RaMeC Firewood Processor Is One Badass Machine!

This hydraulically controlled rotating wedge swivel bank offers superior efficiency along with simplicity. It’s basically a one man, one machine. This machine can process length woods and capable of up to 52cm diameter cordwood, which means no need for log deck or conveyor.

Expensive piece of machinery no doubt, but i like it’s simplicity!

Check it out!

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