Rare 1917 Triumph motorcycle revving like a beast!

1917 Triumph1917 Triumph motorcycle – it’s as old school as it gets.

This particular bike is sure one that can draw much attention to itself, especially for the folks that would give anything for a barn find or just a functional old timer bike. As the title says, we’re pretty sure that this motorcycle is quite rare and we’re really amazed that it’s still functional.

Rare 1917 Triumph motorcycle revving like a beast!

This footage of the  1917 Triumph (model H) was taken at the Jacktown PA Hit n Miss Show. Where you least expect to see something like this! Old Tractors and Steam Tractors doesn’t really remind us of a bike that was used by the British Army medical cor, does it? Nevertheless, the glory days of this Triumph were during the WW1 and in the video below, you’ll see how this gorgeous thing works. Check it out!