A collection of rare classic cars were found, and they’re on sale!

rare classic carsA collection of rare classic cars was found in a barn, and they’re on sale! There’s gotta be more than 40 of these, and the choice is huge! The owner says that the cars have been resting at the barn for more than 25 years. These are all amazing and rare. Some of them are rusty, but most of them are in pretty good shape. Not drivable or anything, but if you have some cash laying around and you want to restore a rare classic car, this is your chance.

A collection of rare classic cars was found in a barn!

Among the many cars, there is 1959 Pontiac Convertible, 1955 Buick Convertible Blue, 1992 and 1999 Caddy Seville,  1924 Model T, 1958 Ford retractable, 1949 Packard, 1955 Mercury Convertible, 3 or 4 1957 Chevy Convertible, 1924 Studebaker Touring, 1938 Cadillac Lasalle, and more. The prices that are listed in the video description are high, but the owner says they’re negotiable, so… 🙂 Try your luck! Check out this rare classic cars collection!