RC lowrider truck, custom made, with an intriguing feature!

custom RC lowriderRC lowrider truck, custom made, with an intriguing feature! This is a real working drivable R/C truck that the owner built from scratch. He invested a lot of time and effort in building this truck and it is not fake. The video is not edited, it’s genuine. This might be the coolest custom RC lowrider truck! It comes with a unique and interesting feature that other RC trucks don’t have! It has hydraulic set-up which is actually not the best part because the second part of the video has an unexpected twist that makes this truck pretty cool and awesome. At first, you’ll be like “meh…”, but after few seconds you’ll see why this RC lowrider truck is so special.

The coolest custom RC lowrider truck with an interesting feature!

An interesting hobby with more interesting results, surely it requires a lot of time and effort but at the end, the fun is all that matters. The owner says that the RC lowrider truck is not for sale. If it was for sale though, it wouldn’t cost less than a staggering $1200! The bed part of the build is not from Amazon, says the builder. That kit is for a 1/24 scale model kit, while this truck is 1/10 scale, the scale of your typical RC car from a good hobby shop.  The frame, bed lift, and all suspension components are made from brass. And as for building a Fleetwood – there is not one in the 1/10 scale. You do have them in 1/24 scale, which is a lot smaller and would be almost impossible to do in that scale. Who knows what will the builder of this RC lowrider come up with next? For now, enjoy this cool video and share your reaction with us! I bet you didn’t see the coolest bed spinning coming, did you? Check it out!