RC Peterbilt truck, fascinating and powerful!

rc peterbilt truckRC Peterbilt truck

This is a RC Peterbilt truck! This unique RC big rig is capable of pulling a full-size vehicle. The builder of this semi was fascinated by trucks so he started collecting photos and drawing and decided to build one of his own. He built the scale frame from wood and also used fiberglass in the construction. The motor, which powers the wheels via a sprocket and drive train, is 36v 750 watt.

RC Peterbilt truck, fascinating and powerful!

The steering system on this thing was go kart inspired. The stunning truck can also provide realistic smoke from the stacks thanks to the disco smoke machine. And let’s not forget that every big rig needs an air horn! That’s why the builder used a mini compressor that sends air into two trumpets! Tamiya sound system has also been added to make this electric truck sound real, complete with an amp and 2 coaxial speakers.

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