The ReadyWrench Rachet RRW100 – 16 Sizes In 1 Wrench!

ReadyWrench RachetReadyWrench Rachet

Save trips to the toolbox with the ReadyWrench ratchet wrench. The Ratcheting ReadyWrench is a dog-bone style wrench that features selectable sockets on both ends of the tool. Each end consists of four universal sockets that are capable of fitting both Metric and SAE nuts and bolts. This feature gives the wrench a total of 16 sockets in one tool.

The ReadyWrench Rachet RRW100 Р16 Sizes In 1 Wrench!

Watch as Black & Decker product manager, Martin Heckmann, demonstrates the innovation behind the Ratcheting ReadyWrench, RRW100. The new ratcheting action makes common DIY tasks like assembling furniture or tightening a nut on a bike SO easy. See this amazing wrench in action!

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