Reckless Dodge Charger crashes while drifting!

reckless dodge chargerReckless Dodge Charger  has some pretty bad morning here!

Drifting is fun but that’s only when the drifter knows what he is actually doing. Other times, not so much. However, it’s not like we’re trying to discourage amateur drifters but there is a reason why they drift cheap cars. It’s because something like this is prone to happen. Unfortunately, the driver of this muscle car learns his lesson the hard way- he wrecks his Charger and he does that in front of tons of people watching.

Reckless Dodge Charger learns a lesson the hard way

While he is leaving a car show in Mesa, AZ he finds out that a little more gas is not always the right answer. Of course, that doesn’t saves his Dodge Charger from crashing into a concrete wall. We do feel bad about the car, though. Check it out!