Reckless rally car driver nearly hits spectators!

reckless rally car driverReckless rally car driver thought he had it all under control when he decided to do a bit of a drift in front of the fans. Well, that went wrong.

As we all well know, accidents occur in racing whether it’s street, professional rally or drag racing. In some cases, these accidents not only affect the drivers; it’s dangerous to be a spectator too if you’re close to the road, much like the situation that you’re about to see in the video. The footage shows the reckless rally car driver hitting a pole where spectators are standing nearby at the recently held Rallye Monte Carlo 2016.

Reckless rally car driver hits a pole

No, the spectators didn’t move away; they decided to stay and try to lift the fall to prevent any other accidents that many occur for the incoming rally cars. Check it out!