Redneck trailer loading – The wrong way of doing it!

Redneck trailer loadingRedneck trailer loading – it’s not as simple as we thought. At least, not for these guys.

Most of us have that one friend that doesn’t quite cope with the hooking up and pretty much everything connected to trailers. Unfortunately, these guys here are one of them.

Redneck trailer loading goes wrong

The goal here is downright simple. Drive the Chevrolet pickup on the trailer that’s being towed by a Dodge pickup and continue on your way. All you have to do is take into consideration some precautions’ it’s not much big of a deal isn’t it? However, these guys seem like they didn’t really take any precautions. AT ALL. For all we can see, that Dodge pickup even has hard time staying stationery. The incident definitely could have caused a good amount of damage. We’re happy to say that they didn’t make in into traffic. Redneck trailer loading video below!