Regular Oil vs Synthetic Oil – Which One Is Better?

Regular Oil vs Synthetic OilRegular Oil vs Synthetic Oil

The oil we put in our engines have multiple purposes. Most important, it reduces the friction and engine wear, but also works as an additional coolant, neutralizes acids, captures and transports combustion by-product particles to the oil filter.

Regular Oil vs Synthetic Oil – Which One Is Better?

The automotive enthusiasts love to debate over which oil is better, the regular or the synthetic. But is there right and wrong, good and bad? Well that depends on what you’re driving and how you’re driving it.

Regular oils are mineral-based products refined from crude oil taken from the ground. Synthetic oils on the other hand, have the same natural ingredients as regular oils but they are distilled in a chemical plant.

In the video below, EricThe Car Guy explains the difference between different types of oil.

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