Remote Jeep hijack by hackers – the disadvantages of modern technology!


The new technology is cool and has a lot of advantages, but what about our safety? This is a real proof that everything that has electronics can be remotely controlled by hackers. Check out this Remote Jeep hijack by hackers that perfectly displays the disadvantages of modern technology! They hacked Jeep Cherokee’s system through a special software and Uconnect and killed its engine with commands sent from their laptops.

Uconnect is modern in-vehicle connectivity system for Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT, Jeep & Ram vehicles. In the video you can see how this app allows the hackers to turn on the vents, switch the radio on and finally, kill the engine while the man was driving on the highway. These smart cars aren’t safe at all. The man tried to accelerate but the pedal stopped working. This hacking technique can be done on other vehicles. Vehicles software let them to send commands to the steering wheel, transmission and even the brakes. It is scary and creepy. Privacy threats are a major issue these days with the constant growth of modern and “smart” technologies.

People are constantly worried about their privacy. You can read online about Germans microwaving their ID’s, people sticking stickers or plasters onto their laptop cams, and what not! What do you think? Is this fear justified, or is it plane paranoia? Check it out!