Residential wind turbine – The easy, free and safe path to renewable energy

Residential wind turbineResidential wind turbine is one of those things that can bring many benefits to you. Generally, a wind turbine is an apparatus that uses the power of the wind to generate electricity. The ideal country for a residential wind turbine is the UK. Out of all the wind energy in Europe, around 40% blows over there. In an exposed site, a residential wind turbine can prove to be more efficient than electrical appliances. How awesome is that?

So, how do wind turbines work? This apparatus has large blades and it uses them to catch the wind. The blade are forced round when the wind is blowing and this drives the turbine to generate electricity. Naturally, the stronger the wind, the more electricity it will generate.

Basically, there are 2 types of residential wind turbines:

  • Pole mounted : these ones are erected in a suitable exposed position and are free standing. They are around 5kW to 6kW..
  • Building mounted: these ones are smaller that the previously mentioned wind turbines. They are installed on the roof of a home. Surely, the pace of installation has to provide suitable wind resource. As they are smaller they are around 1kW to 2kW in size.

Residential wind turbine – The easy, free and safe path to renewable energy

Residential wind turbineNeedless to say, a residential wind turbine can bring many benefits:

  1. Get paid for what you generate: In some places in the world, you get paid for the electricity your wind turbine is generating. Even if you use it – you’ll still get paid. The part that you don’t use you can send to the local grid. You will get paid for that too.
  2. Cut your electricity bill: Wind is free everywhere. After you pay for the initial installation, all your costs will be reduced.
  3. Store electricity for a calm day: With some wind turbines, you can store excess electricity in batteries and use it when the day is calm. That is if you aren’t connected to the national grid.
  4. Cut your carbon footprint: Wind electricity represents renewable energy. It’s green and it doesn’t pollute anything.

Furthermore, you need to make sure that you do the maintenance check every few years. The costs varies for different residential wind turbines and it depends on the turbine size.

The residential wind turbine we’re checking in the video below can produce up to 15 kwh per day. It’s small and quiet and it looks pretty great in front of a house. Check it out!