Restoring aluminium wheels – The right way to do it!

Restoring aluminium wheelsRestoring aluminium wheels is a myth or maybe it just sounds like one. When it comes to aluminum wheels, corrosion represents a dangerous and deadly plague. Surely, there are ways to deal with this problem but, we all want those way to be fast and efficient. We can go to a mechanic and let him get rid of the problem or we can do it ourselves.

Corrosion mainly occurs when we store our wheels in storage for the winter. Once we take them out, we can find corrosion on the aluminum surface. And while we’re standing in front of them scratching out head without any clue of what to do next, Edd China found the solution. In this episode of Wheeler Dealers, he shows us how he deals with this particularly nasty problem. The wheels that he is doing his magic on are those of a Toyota MR2.

Restoring aluminium wheels – The right way to do it!

Restoring aluminium wheelsBefore beginning the process of restoring aluminum wheels,¬†he shows us the actual¬†wheels that he is going to transform. Throw just a glance and you’ll see that they are not in a really good state. That doesn’t matter -Edd loves a bit of a challenge.

First, he cleans the aluminum with water and soap. According to him, sometimes, that is all that you really need. However, for wheels in this state, he has to do some additional work. In this case, he is only using soap and water to see how big the corrosion is.

By the looks of it, dirt and road salts have got inside and they have attacked the aluminum. So, what he must do is grind back the corrosion. Edd does this by using a trusty angle grinder that features tough wire brush attachment. This, however, leaves tiny scratches on the surface. Luckily, he has a solution for that, too – a grinding paste and a mop. The job is a bit tedious but, it’s all worth it.

The next step is to spray the little holes in the wheels with black colour. Mind that you need to mask the rest of the wheel. The process is neither fast nor easy. However, when you make a comparison between the old wheel and the transformed aluminum wheel, the result is stunning.