Rezvani Beast provides ability and speed at insane level!

Rezvani BeastRezvani Beast is a hopped-up and totally re-bodied Ariel Atom. It’s a Speedster; a supercar that differs a bit from its kind.If you still haven’t heard about the Rezvani Beast, don’t worry.In this episode, Jay Leno and the owner of Ferris Rezvani tell us all about it.

Firstly, we start with the thing that’s most important to us – the ponies. The Beast has a Rotrex supercharged Honda K24 series I4 under the hood. This little monsters puts out 500+ HP that’s enough to scare off even the most intimidating competition.

Rezvani Beast provides ability and speed at insane level

Rezvani BeastThe 6-speed transaxle from a Civic Type-R is the one that manages all that power. One of the advantages of the Rezvani Beast is that it is fast and weight less than most of the supercars that we see.

Rezvani makes about one Rezvani Beast a month. One single order take about 12 weeks to make the skeletal Atom turn itself into a full-bodied Beast. The time that it takes the team to make one Beast is pretty reasonable. After all, we’re talking about a car that is custom built for every customer.

The only downside is actually the prize. If yo want to get your hands on something like the Rezvani Beast, then you should haveĀ $159K prepared. Of course, that’s only the start. If you’re one of those people who want to get themselves a more custom experience, it will cost you more.

Be that as it may, Rezvani isn’t planning on stopping with the re-bodied Atom. We’re expecting to see 2 new models next year that will be based on platforms other than Ariel’s. Well, we can’t wait to see what kind of platforms will the team pick for their projects. Though, we are assured that they will make the right choice. Will Jay Leno like the Rezvani Beast? You’ll have to check out the video and see for yourself!