Rhys Millen drifts on some cool roads in Brazil

2010 11 11 - Red Bull Drifting Extreme - Rhys Millen in action at Serra do Rio do Rastro - Lauro Muller - Santa Catarina - Brazil

Rhys Millen took his passport; many set of tires, his RMR-prepped Hyundai Genesis Coupe, a camera crew and set off to one of the hottest destination: Brazil! More specifically Rhys packed up his 750 HP Genesis Coupe to take it to the Serra Do Rio do Rastro mountain range.
The place is yet another photogenic location for the Hyundai to practice burning rubber, as it is coated in some delectable tarmac, located in the southeastern part. Now, we get to the real action which is nothing short of amazing and adrenaline pumping. Dangerous road, extreme driver, and a beast of a ride- enjoy the video!