Riding mower is the most insane gardening equipment that can drift

Riding mowerRiding mower is one of those things that puts on a hell of a show yet, nobody expected something like that from them. This riding mower is just another case of “I’ll build just about anything with my free time and money”. It may sound like a critique but, the riding mower is one awesome creation. It’s a high-powered lawnmower that can drift like car and it’s tons of fun.

The riding mower is a radical machine that can tear around on a burnout pad. In the process, it roasts its power like an insane piece of machinery – almost to the cords. The video is titled ” The World’s Fastest Lawnmower”. While we can’t say for sure whether it is the fastest or not, we sure vouch that it is the craziest. This riding mower is one of the most HC machines we’ve ever seen. In addition, it sounds even better. It seems that the guys at Slicks Garage put a two-cylinder piece in it. That we can tell from the sound of the bellowing open exhaust. Everything else just adds up to it.

Riding mower is the most insane gardening equipment that can drift

Riding mowerWithout the front brakes, the guy behind the wheel completes the burnout by noising the riding mower against a brick wall. Then, he just buries the gas pedal. Well, you can just see it for yourself. The lawnmower puts on a great smoke show and finishes with a sideways action and more doughnuts. This is how the guys at Slicks Garage roll.

Last but not least of information is that the lawnmower has a top speed of 110mph. Have you even seen a mower that can reach that kind of speed? Yes, me neither. You can see the whole action and listen to the mean roars of the mower in the video below. Enjoy the show, folks!