Riley Stair Datsun 260Z – What does this monster do best?

Riley Stair Datsun 260ZRiley Stair Datsun 260Z! Is there a better feeling than driving a car that you’ve build on your own, the one that turn out to be exactly as you’ve imagined? Well, that’s what Riley Stair’s story is all about. What his Datsun 260Z does is revives a sense of excitement in every person that has seen it. You can’t say that his talents and effort throughout the years didn’t pay off. To see a car like this, so stylish and powerful, is more than refreshing; it’s downright exciting!┬áThere was nothing on this Datsun that was left untouched and all that results in one lasting impression.

Riley Stair Datsun 260Z – Black beast!

However, what Riley actually loves the most is turning tires into smoke so, guess what? This is what Riley Stair Datsun 260Z can do best: