Road rage level : Originality! Throwing drinks like a Quarterback

Road rage levelRoad rage level just took on another category.

If 49ers need a new quarterback tell them to stay calm because we found the perfect guy that they can call for an interview. The theme of the video is road rage and that may be a bit of a setback but you should see how this pissed off driver throws. Now, we’ve all seen insane road rage cases and even though throwing drinks doesn’t even come close to insanity we admire the driver’s precision.

Road rage level : Throwing drinks through windows

It’s either he is very good at throwing stuff or this is just his one in a million shot that was, luckily, caught on video. We have no idea why those drivers started fighting in the first place but we’re happy to see a road rage that doesn’t end disastrously.

Check out this “Road rage level” one hell of a thrower here!

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