Road trains, or world’s longest heavy duty trucks!

Road trainsRoad trains

Road trains, or land trains, is a method of trucking used in remote areas of Argentina, Australia, Mexico, the United States, and Canada to move freight efficiently. Australia doesn’t have the transcontinental railroad system but it does have long, flat straight roads. Those roads go for hundreds of miles with few places to stop, rest and refuel. Yeah, transporting goods like gas and oil is quite a drag in Australia and the obvious solution is trucking.

Road trains, or world’s longest heavy duty trucks!

In the video below, you can see the 3B “Centipede”, a 160 foot long and 205 ton truck powered by a 550 HP diesel engine, with an 18-speed transmission. Oh, and this thing has 110 wheels and 28 axles. Pretty amazing, right? Well, one thing is certain, you don’t want to get in the way of this truck or even make sudden turns. Later in the video, you can see a “self-propelled modular transporter”, as a bonus, which carries a 1,790 ton 75 foot high building. And have you see the Canadian Mammoet trucks yet? Now, that’s anything but ordinary! Enjoy the video!