Robotic Animals – 10 coolest robot models of animals in the world

Robotic AnimalsRobotic animals are just among the most amazing things we’ve seen when it comes to the field of robotics. Of course, robots, in general, fascinate us now more than ever with their abilities and functions. Nevertheless, we’ve never actually taken a look at the robotic animals that scientists manage to build.

As I’ve already mentioned, robots are machines that are capable of performing complex tasks automatically. Of course, the human race has imagined them long before it has created them. In fact, most of us are fans of the genre of science fiction. That’s where we can still find some of the best-known robots even now. Can you imagine seeing a “droid” that was portrayed in the Star Wars film, 10 years ago? That would be completely insane. Well, now it’s possible and the days of imaginations are long behind us.

Robotic Animals – 10 coolest robot models of animals in the world

Robotic AnimalsNowadays, we can find robots in all types of industries. Scientists are making incredible advances in the field of robotics all the time. And it’s not just for fun. We use them for medical and military applications as well. Robots have definitely changed almost every aspect of our society.

And while most of us do not have access to the Jetson-style maids, we can buy other types of robots. If not, we can just watch them do their own thing. And when it comes to entertainment, we don’t need some serious robots with weapons. We can make do with the robotic animals. That particular field that is dedicated to imitating aspects of nature is called  biomimetics. It helps us solve some human issues, observe and evaluate. That’s pretty much how the robotic animals came into existence. They’re amazing pieces of machinery and quite fascinating as well. Check out the robotic animals in the video below!