Robotic dolphin and robotic shark – Amazing inventions!

Robotic dolphinRobotic dolphin , robotic shark, the Jetovator and the Freedom Flyer are¬†today’s most amazing invention that you can have fun with around water.

Thanks to the YouTube star Devin Graham that’s also known As Devin Super Tramp, we have some futuristic toys on our radar. In the video below, he and his crew take the robotic dolphin , the Freedom Flyer and some Jetovators out for a spin.

The robotic dolphin, as well as all the other futuristic creations, can dip and dive over and under water. Obviously, they are really fun to play with but, they can also be pretty dangerous. They are extremely easy to use but, you should take your time when it comes to these things. Usually, it takes around 20 minutes to get the hang of them. That’s relatively short period of time for something that is as cool as these things.

Robotic dolphin and robotic shark – Amazing inventions!

Robotic dolphin

We’ve already discussed the Jetovator in one of our previous articles but, here we go again. The Jetovator is designed for lazy people and even, the product’s co-creator says so. It is a simple, easy and safe water toy. Though, you can go wild with it if you want to.

The Seabreacher, or the robotic dolphin, has been around for almost a decade. The robotic dolphin, in addition, was named as one of the best inventions of 2006. It looks like a robotic love-child of a dolphin and a speedboat. I can cost from¬†$80,000 to $100,000 and usually, it’s custom-built. So if you want to own one, you can order it and make it fit your needs best.

Above water, the robotic dolphin can reach up to 40 mph. In can jump 20 feet in the air and dive up to 6 feet deep. Its underwater speed in 20 mph max.

The robotic shark, on the other hand, is much like the robotic dolphin but not the same. This one is a combination of submarine and jet ski. It looks much more notorious than its more ectatic friend. However, that doesn’t mean it’s less fun. It is known as the Roboshark and it do pretty much anything – exactly like the others! Check it out!