Rossion Q1 and R120 are the perfected versions of Noble automotive

RossionRossion Q1 and R120 are the cars that give new meaning to the term “insanely fast”.

When the Noble M12 GTO made its debut, the whole world was thrilled. The car was at  $76,400 with mid-engine that ripped to 60 mph in amazing 3.3 seconds. Only two years later, the same company showed their second-generation car, the M400. In both tests, the term “stupid fast” popped up. Back then, we got the impression that the Nobles were the well-engineered, most complete cars we have ever seen.

Unfortunately, we saw the end of it; Noble automotive spotted producing the M12 and its hardcore variant, the M400. As I said before, these were insanely fast cars and the fast were really disappointed. However, in 2007 Rossion came to the rescue. Ian Grunes and Dean Rosen purchased the manufacturing right to these two. They moved to shop to sunny Florida and came up with the name. There, the duo and their team started developing the Rossion Q1 and later the Rossion R120.

Rossion Q1 and R120 are the perfected versions of Noble automotive

RossionSo, what is so special about these two? Well, first of all the Q1 and R120 are true enthusiastic machines for many reasons. The Nobles were extremely fast cars that didn’t have many electronic gizmos like the modern machines we’re used to see. So, the folks at Rossion grabbed the opportunity and made a hell of an upgrade with the Q1 as well as the R120.

The Q1, for example, has been re-engineered both of them from the ground up. Even though, it really looks like the old Nobles, it is way more capable on the track. It weights 2,500 lbs and features a twin-turbocharged Ford V6. This mid-mounted monster produces 450 horsepower. Along with the performance boost comes a luxurious interior. This Rossion goes from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds flat.

The Rossion R120 is an entirely different beast. For full details on both of the Rossions, check out the video below!