RWD Mitsubishi Evo sliding like a maniac!!!

RWD Mitsubishi EvoRWD Mitsubishi Evo screeching tires.

How do you make a Mitsibushi Evo drift? Well, it’s fairly easy; just cut out the front drive train and give it 550 ponies. Drifting an AWD is anything but an easy job, unless you’re Ken Block. Of course, you wouldn’t think that a Mitsibushi Evo X would be very drift-friendly with its legendary AWD system and you’d be right.

RWD Mitsubishi Evo going sideways – Cool action!

However, that’s exactly why this Evo X, driven by the Italian drifter Luca Lodi, has been converted to RWD. The engine has been modified and produces 550 HP. ¬†Enjoy the video and listen for the backfires!