S1 gravity bike – cornering at speed like a boss!

S1 gravity bikeS1 gravity bike ? Well, it is what it sounds like.

The folks at S.I.N Cycles are true daredevils that make gravity bikes and they really don’t go slow. Moreover, the story on the building of the S1 gravity bike is an amazing one. Namely, the project evolved from 2 bikes. One of them was low to the ground with and the other one was heavy. What they’ve come to notice is that weight can make cornering at speed quite precarious so they had an idea. Their goal was to to maintain a compact tuck while bringing the body as close to the ground as possible so they stretched the wheel-base and had the top tube go straight from the head tube to the rear axle.

S1 gravity bike – cornering at speed like a boss!

The result of their idea is a bike that gives great stability and it is a joy to ride- the road and the sound of the wind. According to the creators the S1 gravity bike┬áspeed can go beyond 80 mph but, it pretty much depends on the hill. The speed might be questionably legal however, the gravity bicycle is legal on all public roads meaning, even on those where bicycles aren’t allowed. S1 gravity bike video below!