S10 Xtreme Evolution rebuild into a brutal burnout machine!

S10 XtremeS10 Xtreme Evolution is an extremely gorgeous pickup truck that Chevy brought to life long time ago. For those who preferred pickups over cars and everything else it was a complete ‘boom’ back then. Now, you would think that as with everything else, the S10 Xtreme would find its way to simple extinction. But, the S10 Xtreme isn’t just any pickup that one could easily forget.

As we all know, America loves old timers and machines that it can play with. If you can’t find parts, engines, and transmission which could turn your machine into a beast, then you’re not in America. You are somewhere else in the world. That’s what we love most about it.

S10 Xtreme Evolution rebuild into a brutal burnout machine

S10 XtremeThis S10 Xtreme Evolution was not something that needed to be fixed. It was just a pickup that could be transformed into something better. That’s why the owner took matters in his own hands and decided to make few changes. Few that made a lot of difference.

The owner swapped the stock T-65 and the LS6 with a LS3+T-56 Magnum. In addition, the S10 Xtreme now features C6 slplit spoke wheel, C6 Z06 seats, C5 corvette Z06 brakes and is two inches lower. Certainly, it took the owner a considerable amount of time to bring his ride to this state but, the it was totally worth it. You can check what it can do in the video below as well as parts of the process. Enjoy!