S14.5 V8 Nissan Silvia – The project is finished!!!

S14.5S14.5 V8 Nissan Silvia! The Nissan Silvia S14 is a hell of a car but, we’re going to take a wild guess now and say that the folks at Nissan couldn’t have imagined that their creation will be sounding and looking like this. The beast that the people at Brill Steel Motorsports took care of is an S15-bodied Silvia S14 with an LS3 V8 fitted under the hood. This S14.5 v8 nissan silvia makes around 717 hp on motor and don’t worry, you’ll hear every single pony galloping like crazy.

This is the demon on 4 wheels – S14.5 V8 Nissan Silvia!

S14.5However, if you want to go over the top you always have the nitrous on tap to create extra 228 HP. Domestic or import fan, it doesn’t make any difference, this is a ride in which we can all enjoy!