S14 Nissan Silvia making lots of purple smoke!

S14 Nissan SilviaS14 Nissan Silvia that knows how to get attention.

The S14 is an excellent drift car even with its stock engine but, this particular one has a turbocharged GM-sourced LS V8 under the hood. All in all, this S14 Nissan Silvia puts out 900 horsepower which brings us to the fact that it can do way more than a simple burnout but, we actually don’t mind.

S14 Nissan Silvia’s burnout is extreme and purple!

The one behind the wheel of it is  Bartosz Stolarski who drives in the King of Europe drift competition in Spain, in the final round. As we mention previously, pretty much everything that you’re about to see in the video is quite purple. And yes, it does need to be emphasized!