Sales girl takes unsuspecting customers on a drifting journey!!!

Sales girl takes unsuspecting customersSales girl takes unsuspecting customers! A sales girl drifting a pickup? Do you think that women are bad driver? It appears that’s not the case, at least not with all of them. Well, these guys surely didn’t expect to be taken on such a journey.

Sales girl takes unsuspecting customers and they didn’t see this coming!

Watching unsuspecting guys getting scared to death by awesome female drivers is always fun. At the begging of the video we can see how skeptical most of them are about the girl’s knowledge of cars but, she definitely proved them wrong afterwards. They are offered a test drive and after that Leona takes the wheel in her hands to show them what the Mitsibushi Triton can actually do. Obviously, she didn’t hold back driving and drifting at extreme speed. The reactions are hilarious however, we love the fact that one of them actually enjoy the ride and is not so “scared to death” like the other guys.