Samuel Hubinette ‘s Dodge Challenger – The real american beast!

Samuel HubinetteSamuel Hübinette’s Dodge Challenger is one hell of a ride.

The Red Bull Drift Shifters is an event that we really admire. There are a lot of world’s top drifters and drivers there that gathered around to have fun. Yes, the drifting too but, believe me, this event even though its spark of seriousness is all about fun. What’s more to it, it’s in the middle of a city! Now, who doesn’t want to see something like that?

Samuel Hubinette – Dodge Challenger goes sideways under a semi!

Drift Shifters isn’t an event that is meant to change something about the concept of drifting. It is first and foremost about bringing people together to witness epic drifting on the streets. Non-stop three hours, sound effects, flashing lights and an easy to understand pinball theme? You want to know what pinball and drifting have in common? Then, check out this event.

In the meantime, you can see how Samuel Hübinette’s part went in the event in 2012. Auckland saw a lot of drifting and Sam here, is drifting under a semi-truck as several of his colleagues. Samuel Hubinette and the beast video below!