Saveiro Cross G6 is the brand that finally got an identity of its own!

Saveiro CrossSaveiro Cross is one of those vehicles that you didn’t know of but, you’re suddenly fascinated when you lay your eyes on them. However, to talk about the Saveiro Cross, first we need to talk about the Volkswagen Gol.

For those of you who don’t know, the Volkswagen Gol is a subcompact car. This car takes its name from the Portuguese word for goal. Volkswagen do Brasil has been manufacturing the VW Gol since 1980; thus, it was the entry-level car in the Latin American market. There are several variants of the VW Gol and they all have been produced in several versions. So, where is the Saveiro Cross in the story? Well, the Saveiro Cross is a based on the WV Gol.

They say that the truth is always self-evident and while some of you may disagree, I’ll state the obvious: There are a fair bit of people who really, really like bakkies. Yes, they like them a lot.

Saveiro Cross G6 is the brand that finally got an identity of its own!

Saveiro CrossDo you disagree with that statement? Well, let me tell you how much people actually like them. The best-selling vehicle in South Africa remains a bakkie and it’s the Toyota Hilux. With that information, it is quite remarkable that the market for compact bakkies didn’t feature the rather disarming Saveiro Cross. Luckily, that all about to change.

The Saveiro Cross is an FWD, compact, cab-and-half bakkie. You can think of it as a diminutive El Camino of sorts, if you like. Thanks to a face-lift it looks very tidy. In addition, there are some really clever additions to it like a second-row of seats for kids. The country that sells them the most is Brazli and given that, they are appreciated there. Secure stowage space for expensive tools is heaven for the crime rich markets.

There are several types of VW Saveiro but, what we’re checking out today is the Saveiro Cross G6. This is the company’s newest product and it is built to shine. It combines 4 versions, 3 types of cabins and 2 engines. Yes, the choice is all yours. Check it out!