Scaldarsi Emperor is a £1.1million Mercedes-Maybach with a shiny suit

Scaldarsi EmperorScaldarsi Emperor is a rose gold Mercedes-Maybach S600 that got a new, shiny suit and a lot of other stuff,too. The Scaldarsi Emperor has brand new clothes and where the Maybach is a totem of understated luxury, this one isn’t.

Just when you think that the likes of Mansory will clean up their act in the tuning game, some new arrives to sully the scene.

The combatant body kit has been finished in 24-carat rose gold to go with the exhaust tips, monster wheels and of course, the accents. The Scaldarsi Emperor is the real deal.

There is a lot to see inside the Scaldarsi Emperor ‘s lavish interior. We’re not talking about the cushions or anything; this is different. They have re-skinned the interior in every animal imaginable. There are 24 different types of hides. Oh and, they can be dyed in 28 different colors. These can be contrasted with 16 exterior paint options available and 78 types of wood.

Scaldarsi Emperor is a £1.1million Mercedes-Maybach with a shiny suit

Scaldarsi EmperorNevertheless, what always impresses you the most is the customization options on these already heavily customized vehicles. You can spec matching tote bags, custom-engraved champagne glasses and even an Emperor Edition Rolex watch. Is the normal Mercedes key fob too vanilla for you? Don’t worry there is a Scaldarsi Emperor variant for that too.

The really good news lie under the bonnet of the Emperor. The 6.3-litre twin-turbocharged V12 powers the Scaldarsi Emperor – they took it from the Brabus Rocket 900. So yes, an easily memorable 888 bph is on tap. In addition, the Emperor can go from 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds with its 2,335kg.

How much for the 888hp beast? Well, a cool  £1.1million. There will be only 10 examples of the Scaldarsi Emperor and if you fancy one, you better get your name down quickly. This is how it looks like!