Scorpion Motorsports’ Scorpion P6, suspension and durability testing!

Scorpion P6 – The Fastest Three-Wheeler!!

The Scorpion P6 is an American product… so, need we say more?! This car that looks just like an F1 racing car will change your way of seeing three-wheeled racers. In the US it is street legal as a motorcycle but is driven same as cars. With no doors or windshield it’s hard to drive because of the wind, but her primary use is to provide you real fun, you’re not supposed to take your kids to school with it.

A powerful Kawasaki ZX6R motor is powering this thing and its top speed reaches amazing 150mhp, but this of course, depends on the driver’s skills. In this video you can see how this super-exotic sports car is driven on a foreign road and the drivers are sharing their experiences.