Self leveling car suspension system – Goodbye uncomfortable bumps!

self leveling car suspension systemSelf leveling car suspension system – you’d love to have this one.

24 years in total were spent developing the ultimate suspension system. Bose had the perfect idea for this suspension. It was suppose to offer a magic-carpet ride to say the least. In the end, it became a technical success. But, unfortunately, a commercial failure.

Self leveling car suspension system guarantees “pleasant” bumps

This excellent idea is considered to be one of the most experimental products ever of the company. It actually represents a set of electromagnetic car suspension whose primary aim was to hold a 1980s Lexus LS400 flat and steady. Twisting chicanes and complex bumps are not match for this system that even had a jump button. Nevertheless it was abandoned due to its electrical complexity and heavy weight. Here you can see it in action: