Semi-truck with an oversize load tipping over! Expensive fail!

Semi-Truck Carrying Huge Steel Beam tumps over!

Semi-truck with an oversize load tipping over! This is one expensive fail! Only a few feet cost the driver probably thousands of dollars and the chances are he might lose his job because of the damage that was made. When he rounded a turn with the semi-truck that carried a steel beam, things escalated quickly.

The trucker seen the rear dolly crabbing too far to the right and it was going to pop up on the guardrail. He slammed on the brakes. The load shifted, snapped the cables, the back end tipped over, and then twisted the whole truck over. So in case you’re having a bad day just be glad that you’re not this guy!

Watch the video to learn how NOT to load a huge steel beam on a semi-truck!