How Does a Sequential Manual Transmissions Work?!

Sequential Manual TransmissionsSequential Manual Transmissions

A sequential manual transmission or sequential manual gearbox, is a non-traditional type of manual transmission used on motorcycles and high-performance cars for auto racing, where gears are selected in order, and direct access to specific gears is not possible.

How Does a Sequential Manual Transmissions Work?!

While typical manual transmission use the standard “H” pattern in the shifter, the manual transmission in a motorcycle is nothing like that. On a motorcycle the gears are shifted by clicking a lever up or down with your toe. This type of transmission is called a sequential gearbox or a sequential manual transmission.

Most high performance race cars use sequential gearboxes as well. A sequential gearbox gives the driver several important advantages that are very useful in a race car.

This animation explains the basic principles of sequential manual transmissions as they are often used in motorcycles. For this animation, a 5-speed gearbox is explained.

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