Serra do Rio do Rastro – Catching bad guys with style!!!

Serra do Rio do Rastro¬†Serra do Rio do Rastro ‘s drift chase is something that you don’t want to miss.

When we think of drifting we imagine something that’s closely related to the Japanese, right? Wrong. Okay, maybe not completely wrong but, we’re learning something here. What we really want to point out is that a drift chase of this sort isn’t an everyday thing for Brazilians and that also has to do something with the motives of such a production.

Serra do Rio do Rastro, Santa Catarina is a beautiful place. Now, that you could have predicted but, if you haven’t seen it, you can’t say whether it’s a good place to play real-life car games and by that we mean having fun behind the wheel while being part of a drift chase. Well, make no mistake as there are many sharp turns and the winding is definitely not your friend. Going slow with a passenger car is already dangerous enough but, what do people know about rules and boundaries?

Serra do Rio do Rastro – where the magic happens

Drift SC and Drift Show joined their forces to create such a video in order to interest the people in Brazil – Serra do Rio do Rastro, where this sport is little practiced, in these kind of sports. The video consists of extreme scenes recorded on the road with cars that are fast and have plenty of power to melt the asphalt. Serra do Rio do Rastro video below. Check out how great it turned out to be: