Shane van Gisbergen drifting a custom VF Holden Commodore Supercar!

Shane van GisbergenShane van Gisbergen drifting his custom VF Holden Commodore Supercar! Shane ‘Gizzy’ van Gisbergen is our kind of racing driver. Not because he’s incredibly capable and quick across many disciplines, but because he loves hanging the backside of his V8 supercar out during races. And we’re not talking little skids, but full lap balletic Formula D-worthy drifts.

Shane van Gisbergen drifting his custom VF Holden Commodore Supercar!

Gizzy’s over-exuberant driving style illuminated a little light bulb in the 27-year-old’s head. See, instead of using his V8 Supercar as a drift car, he wondered what would happen if he turned his V8 Supercar into a fully-fledged drift car.

It was a challenge accepted by Red Bull Racing Australia. Borrowing teammate Jamie Whincup’s chassis from the Ipswich SuperSprint race in July, the team transformed the Holden Commodore into a drifting demon.

They ripped out the whole front end, gave it four times the amount of steering lock (60 degrees), bent steering arms, dual brake calipers at the back, slammed then widened it, and then added the ultimate drift weapon: a hydraulic handbrake. Or drift stick, as we like to call it.

Now, most circuit racing drivers hate going sideways. Even the mildest whiff of oversteer gives them a sleepless night as it piles on the milliseconds and chews through tyres.

Not Shane. He took his new 5.0-litre V8 toy to Sydney Motorsport Park after dark and dropped the hammer. Having competed in Australian and New Zealand drifting championships, Shane van Gisbergen was pretty adept at bunging the V8 into corners backwards. And also grabbing the handbrake to transition and allowing the chin spoiler to scrape off the kerbs – before torching the rears through another corner. Anyways, let’s check him out in this crazy video!