Tom Bailey’s “Sick Seconds”, a 1969 Twin Turbo Camaro!

sick secondsBefore there was “Sick Seconds 2.0”, there was “Sick Seconds”, Tom Bailey’s 1969 Twin Turbo Camaro, that was the centre of attention at Drag Week and turned heads everywhere it went.

Since this video, “Sick Seconds 2.0” has come out, but it’s always neat to take a trip back and check out exactly what it was that makes cars like this so memorable.

Tom Bailey’s “Sick Seconds”, the predecessor of “Sick Seconds 2.0”!

This car has really impressive numbers. How does 3300hp sound for a street legal car? Or in Tom Bailey’s words: “This is not a racing car that is also street legal, it’s a street car that can also race!” It’s rare that this kind of custom work and attention to detail comes together with that kind of power!

Check out the car in the video below as we get this blast from the past at the 2013 rendition of Detroit Autorama. Enjoy a nice custom made 1969 Chevy Camaro Pro Mod with Steve Morris aluminum 615 BBC engine and dual precision 94mm turbos!