Slammed Mazda Miata drifts on a slippery road!!!

Slammed Mazda MiataSlammed Mazda Miata – not the first one that we’ve seen but, definitely cool.

What is one supposed to do on a rainy night while his Mazda is quietly sitting in the garage? Well, go get it of course! This little guy does exactly that while getting his cool ride out on the rain on the slippery streets for a bit of a drifting. Don’t worry, the top goes down!

Slammed Mazda Miata drifts on a slippery road

One thing is obvious and certain- this guy has got some serious skills. Check out the video as the Miata is going sideways, power-sliding around a traffic circle with style. Well, I would definitely love to sit behind the wheel of this one, that’s for sure!┬áSlammed Mazda Miata video below!

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