Space Junkie, fully custom hot rod by Ian Roussel!

space junkieSpace Junkie, fully custom hot rod! This unbelievable creation was built by Ian Roussel of Sun Valley, CA. The body started its life as a 1931 Chevy sedan, the engine is a 1948 Olds straight 6. Ian says his paint scheme and colors were inspired by a Neapolitan ice cream bar!

Space Junkie, fully custom hot rod by Ian Roussel!

The powerplant probably doesn’t do much for performance, but it definitely accentuates the old-fashioned factor, along with the wooden spoke spinners that call to mind cars of the early 20th century.

Driving the Space Junkie is when things get interesting. A roll-up aluminum door, fitted to the roof of the Chevy, presents a cool take on the sunroof. Inside, there’s only space for one pedal–the brake. The throttle is controlled by way of the boomerang-looking lever on the console. Check out this mind blowing custom creation!