Sporty Tilting Electric Trike – Agility at its finest!

Sporty Tilting Electric TrikeSporty Tilting Electric Trike – fun, compact and stable means of transportation for those who would rather avoid all the traffic.
Sway Motorsports, after years in development, have shown to the world its sporty tilting electric trike, an electric scooter that may not be mean-looking or high-powered but rather has a very distinctive feature that is pretty amazing – its zip and agility.

Sporty Tilting Electric Trike – Agility at its finest

Unlike other 3-wheel tilting electric scooter that we usually come across on the Internet, as said before, this tends to have a bit sportier bent. For its amazing design we can thank IDEO toy-designer Joe Wilcox who was working on it in his spare time. Considering all of his contributions, it’s safe to say that this guy knows a thing or two about design and that is clearly visible in his creations.
Sway’s sporty tilting electric trike is powered by a 60-V, 20-AH lithium iron phosphate battery, giving the vehicle a range of about 16 km. Of course, there is a model that includes a 60-AH pack for a range of 30 miles. The top speed of sporty tilting electric trike is 64 km/H ( 40 mph) and its wheels are 10 inches in diameter.
The tilting steering mechanism of this machine is in fact its most eye-catching feature and it’s pretty awesome. Nevertheless, you have to observe it in motion rather than just read about it so, check out the Sporty Tilting Electric Trike video below!