SteSil Bike – The mythological centaur of the automotive world!

SteSil BikeSteSil Bike is a project that lasted for 20 years requiring all sorts of key ingredients and ultimate experience to finally present the new Cheiron. The Cheiron is an Italian bike  that, as said before, is a result of inspiration and passion for now to represent a proud mythical creature in the automotive world. The bike is light and strong thanks to 3D design and high-precision CNC milling that helped create this machine. The total weight of the SteSil Bike Cheiron is 225kg(496lbs) and this thing is powered by a twin-cylinder  S&S Super Stock 96ci 110 HP engine.

SteSil Bike – the mythological centaur of the automotive world

SteSil Bike

For the aggressive and technological output the world can thank the creative minds of Silvio and Stephen who are the founders of SteSil the consequence of how the bike got its name.Check it out!