Stinger 609 is the perfect small block model engine!

Stinger 609Stinger 609 is the latest in the Conley line of V8 engines. Unless you’re really into model cars, then chances are you haven’t heard of the Stinger 609 and that’s a shame. But, there is always a chance to see what the Stinger 609 is all about.

The Stinger 609 is the smaller supercharged 4-stroke V8 engine in the world and it has entered production. Why is everyone in the racing community reacting with excitement over the Stinger ? Well, it’s simple – the other engines don’t look or sound right compared to this one.

At just 6.09 cubic inches, hence the name, the Stinger 609 is a very small V8. But despite the small displacement, the engine produces 9 HP and revs to 10,000 rpm. So yes, the engine may be small but unlike other quarter scale models, this one looks, sounds and runs like a full-size V8. Naturally, the level of excellence and realism always costs. This one will run you  $7,000 per.

Stinger 609 is the perfect small block model engine!

The ones who are responsible for the existence of the Stinger 609 are the folks at Conley Precision Engines. They have paid a lot of attention to detail and brought their tiny engine to perfection. Moreover, it is the culmination of almost 30 years of knowledge gained in the designing and construction of model engines. It weighs about 11.25 pounds and measures approximately 14″ long, 6″ wide, and 8-1/4″ tall!

Among the numerous innovative features like large oval shaped intake ports, “D” shaped exhaust ports, and investment cast parts, two bold attributes stand tall: the dry sump pressurized oiling system and a full ignition system. The moment the maker revved it, we knew that this is something that means business. Well, in the end, you have to see it to believe it – check it out!