Street race goes wrong : 350z vs. 350z

Street race goes wrongStreet race goes wrong.

A legit street race is something that we all like to enjoy in from time to time. However, ‘risk’ is almost a synonym for street racing and you don’t have to be car enthusiast to know that. What is also more than obvious about street racing is that no matter how careful or prepared you think you are, there is just no way to get rid of the risk entirely as it always looms over.

Street race goes wrong : 350z vs. 350z

What we have here is a video of a par of Nissan 350z going against each other in a friendly little roll race. Nevertheless, it’s a battle with major consequences. The video was shot from a dash cam as one of the Nissan drivers hits the gas pedal and goes sideways right into the door of his buddy, pushing him off the road. Check it out.

No matter how prepared you think that you are, there is no way to entirely get rid of the risk that is associated with street racing, hence why we warn you to not try this at home! Street race goes wrong video below!