Studebaker Golden Hawk gracing the America’s highways

Studebaker Golden HawkStudebaker Golden Hawk is the car that has been gracing the America’s highways since 1957. It’s hard to believe that it has been nearly 50 years since its first appearance and almost 40 years since Studebaker’s last car. Now, the Studebaker Golden Hawk may not be a bona fide Classic but, it certainly is a milestone car that’s worth checking out.

For those of you who don’t know, the Studebaker Hawk series represented a drastic departure from the norm when it made its debut. It was powerful, athletic and had wholly uniqueness regarding its style. Then, available Hawk models included Power Hawk, Flight Hawk, Sky Hawk and Golden Hawk.

Studebaker Golden Hawk gracing the America’s highways

Studebaker Golden HawkIn particular, the Studebaker Golden Hawk is a 2-door pillar-less hardtop coupe. Throughtout the years, the company made some changes on the model, mostly regarding the engine plant and its styling.

The 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk was somewhat different from its predecessors. The company then, decided to take a different approach and offered only two models : The Golden and the Silver Hawk. The one that you’re about to see in the video below featured the V-8. Though, they also managed to equipped it with the McCulloch supercharger. With that, it was the most powerful and best-performing Studebaker Golden Hawk model so far.

And of course, when something is that good, the world won’t just let it go. That’s why today, we’re checking out one Studebaker Golden Hawk model. As you can see, it’s a true beauty. Also, let’s not forget that in January 2011, the Barrett-Jackson auctions sold a 1957 Studebaker Hawk for a price of $99,000. Check it out!