Subaru BRZ STI will display an impeccable performance on road!

Subaru BRZ STISubaru BRZ STI is that proper, fire-breathing vehicle from the company that you all wanted to see. Well, here it is.

The Subaru BRZ STI is a performance concept that the company unveiled at the New York Motor Show. Of course, it’s a real head-turner and everything but, it’s not that simple. This vehicle was supposed to serve as a marketing tool to better acquit the USA with the Japanese tuning brand. To be honest, it’s a hell of a tool.

This is a Subaru BRZ STI that features a lower, stiffer STI-spec suspension. Moreover, it has custom Brembo discs and pads, new 18-inch alloy wheels, a new aero package and a monster rear wing. In addition, you’ll also witness chassis fasteners that are meant to control body roll and obviously a whopping great engine.

The road-going BRZ’s 2.0-liter boxer engine goes out and the EJ20 2.0-litre single-scroll turbo boxer from comes in. If you haven’t heard of it, that’s the engine from the Subaru’s monster GT300 car. That’s right, this is a fully fledged racing engine. Subaru BRZ STI for the win.

Subaru BRZ STI will display an impeccable performance on road

Subaru BRZ STIAccording to the company, the engine puts out around 345bhp and 332lb ft of torque. As always there are rumors that say the Subaru BRZ STI is actually close to producing even 450 bph. It turns out that they have actually downgraded their power in the race series. In reality, this car’s engine makes easy 450.

We don’t about thew weight figure, but we do know that they have matched up the engine to a stronger 6-speed gerbox. Oh and, it’s all about the rear wheels, naturally.

Furthermore, the interior features Recaro seats, unique gauges, a new center stack and an Alacantara steering wheel. Meanwhile, Subaru tested the bodywork regarding the aerodynamics proving that everything is on point. Also, the company gives their customers a matte blue paint job as a personal choice. It does look fine to the eye. Check it out! Amazing Subaru BRZ STI video below!