Subaru Forester goes off a cliff after racing through a tunnel!

subaru foresterSubaru Forester  vs. a tunnel and a cliff. Unfortunately, the Subaru can’t actually be called a winner here.

The truth is that not many people are lucky enough to drive off a cliff and live to tell the tale. Drifting at high speed is art and science and we should all admit that it’s not something all people understand. However, the owner of the Subaru survived this horrible off-cliff experience to tell the story of over steer.

Subaru Forester with an unhappy ending

From the dash cam it is obvious that the driver panicked when he saw that he is going to fast. Instead of staying on the throttle or better yet breaking on time, he allows the gas to send his car into an over-steer slide. The whole thing is pretty scary to watch but, here’s the video from the dash cam of the Subaru: