Super-light, fast, and unique: The eccentric Superleggera RZR 1000 made by Marshall Motoart!


The thing that makes Marshall Motoart so well-known is the off-the-wall rides that the folks there have been making since their very beginning. The founder, Chris Burke is no stranger to the audience.  And, as you well know he has a bit of a knack for the obscure and always blends rat-rod style with something new. This time the base was a brand-new Polaris RXR XP1000. But, Burke ditched everything but the driveline and the plastics and rolled up his sleeves. He fabricated a new aluminum chassis and modified it extensively. The wheelbase was also extended to make it look sleeker and the height of the cage was lowered giving the car an almost-Indy look.

So, the vehicle now looks fast but, it needed to BE fast, as well, so Chris went to to K&T Performance and got an 1103cc engine that produces 330 HP at 25lbs of boost. STM Powersports did their thing with the clutching and the ones responsible for the amazing sound that comes out from the exhaust are the folks at Muzzys Performance. At the end, Burke came up with a half door that opens in Lambo style making this ride unique. So, in 3 month Marshall Motoart built a work of art. This thing 200 pound lighter and 3 times the factory version, called SuperLeggera- Italian for “Super Light”. See it for yourself!